Prepare the ground.

Find the most suitable place. For example, the back of the yard in front of the parking is a popular choice.


Check the rules of your municipality before any purchase.

Ex : Any shed must be located at least 0.6 meters (2 feet) from any of the selected location.
Ex : The building must be located within 3 meters of a window or door (9 feet 10 inches)

– If you plan to install your shed on concrete blocks , you must excavate 6 inches deep and fill it with gravel 0 ¾ then make it as flat as possible . (We supply 8 concrete blocks for free with every shed.)


– On concrete foundation, it is not mandatory to have a wooden floor. You can use the concrete floor as the default floor of your shed.


– We suggest you check with us for a plan with accurate dimensions of the concrete foundation according to your shed.


Do you have any other questions about how to prepare his ground?

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